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Do you have a tree or shrubs on your property that needs some attention due to health, safety, or access reasons? American Dream Landscapes can help you tackle your tree and shrub problems and concerns.

You’ve got some beautiful trees or shrubs on your property, but you want to ensure their health in the future.

You may be about to place your property on the market and want to make sure every cent of the value presents itself when potential buyers view it. So you’re looking for someone to come in and cut away unsightly visuals.

Safety issues may be why you’re looking for a tree service.

American Dream Landscapes can help you accomplish your goals with professional pruning or trimming, no matter your reason.

What Is The Difference Between Trimming and Pruning?

People may use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between these two terms. It’s a slight difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Trimming of trees has to do with the aesthetic (looks) of the tree and your landscape design. Trees and shrubs look best when they have a particular shape to them. If you do not trim a tree or shrubs, its growth can become an eyesore for your landscape.

Trees or shrubs may need trimming because they are hindering your landscape. Thick layers of branches could be blocking sunlight and water access to other landscape features on your property.

Trimming can be performed for safety reasons. Common safety reasons are walking clearance of limbs and limbs that threaten power lines or encroach on a structure.

Pruning focuses on the tree’s health. Pruning may involve getting rid of dead or diseased portions of the tree to promote healthy growth and improve flowering.

Pruning can also improve safety by eliminating elements that could fall and injure due to a lack of integrity.

The Most Popular Trees To Prune in the Williamsburg Area

The crepe myrtle is the tree we receive the most calls and online submissions to take care of in the Williamsburg area.

If you have crepe myrtles on your residential or commercial property that have gone far too long without proper pruning, we can help you reestablish the canopy. We’ve done it many times before, and we’d be honored to do it for you!

Including crepe myrtles, many of our pruning and trimming requests are concerning ornamental shrubs or trees in the Williamsburg area. No matter what type of ornamental you have on your property, we can help you set it up for success or eliminate safety hazards it may present.

Request Your Free Trimming or Pruning Estimate Today

If you have trees or shrubs on your property that you’d like to get a handle on for looks, safety, or health, we’d be honored if you would allow us to estimate the job.

We offer trimming and pruning services in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County, and York County.

Contact us today. We’ll set up a time to take a look at your trees and shrubs and let you know how we can help with a detailed onsite estimate of our services.

Client Testimonial

Daniel was responsive and gave a fair quote for the work. His crew was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and even worked one day in miserable conditions. The end result is fantastic, safer, and with an attention to craftsmanship better than whomever did the original installation.

We highly recommend American Dream Landscapes!
Ed Falis
Williamsburg, VA

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