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American Dream Landscapes offers leaf and small debris removal in the Greater Williamsburg area to ensure your yard and property looks its best year-round.

When the fall rolls around and the leaves start falling, it can make your property look unkempt. If you add some moisture to the mix, the combination can be dangerous. A slip and fall accident caused by a pile of wet leaves is not something you want to deal with on a residential or commercial property.

A layer of wet leaves on your lawn can wreak havoc on the root system of your yard. Even in the fall and winter months, your lawn needs care to ensure its health during the growing season.

Don’t let your lawn battle with these elements this year. American Dream Landscapes offers quality leaf and small debris removal that will ensure your yard’s health leading into the spring time. 

What Leaves Can Do To Your Yard If Not Removed

Even in the fall and winter months, your lawn needs care to ensure its health. With your yard, it’s all about the root system. It needs to be strong!

A thick layer of leaves in your yard can hurt your root system the following ways:

Sun Blockage
Leaves can cause a total sun blackout and deprive your root system of the light it needs.

Deprive Oxygen
leaves can restrict oxygen from getting to the root system.

Fungus Growth
Wet leaves offer an inviting environment for fungus to grow, leading to root rot.

The bottom line is this: Your yard is alive! Letting leaves build upon it will suffocate it.

Leaves Make A Good Hiding Place For Pests

One of the most overlooked benefits of leaf removal is pest control on your property.

Piles of leaves offer an excellent environment for rodents, snakes, mice, and insects to hunker down and build a warm home. Trust us; with a decade-plus of leaf removal experience, we’ve got some stories about what lurks around in leaf piles.

You don’t want this becoming a problem and creating a dangerous situation for yourself, family members, children, or pets.

What All Does A Leaf Removal Service Include?

At American Dream Landscapes, we remove the leaves and small yard debris from your property. We pack it all on our trailers, and its taken away and disposed of where you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

When the job is complete, you can have peace of mind about your property’s safety and your yard’s health.

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American Dream Landscapes offers quality leaf removal services to residential and commercial customers in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County and York County, Virginia.

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Client Testimonial

Daniel was responsive and gave a fair quote for the work. His crew was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and even worked one day in miserable conditions. The end result is fantastic, safer, and with an attention to craftsmanship better than whomever did the original installation.

We highly recommend American Dream Landscapes!
Ed Falis
Williamsburg, VA

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