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American Dream Landscapes offers land grading and slope enhancement solutions for your property for better drainage or in preparation for construction, landscape, or hardscape installations.

Grading is all about moving around the land’s natural elements to achieve the particular goal of your project.

For some, this may be to prep for future construction of a building, hardscape, or landscape features.

Another common reason homeowners or commercial property owners may need a grading service is to fix drainage problems on their land and protect their building’s foundation. Grading can also remedy standing water problems that could pose a risk to grass, plants and bushes.

Grading may also be referred to as leveling, reshaping, re-sloping, or regrading. While each may be aimed at  a slightly different goal, all generally mean the act of moving land with machinery.

At American Dream Landscapes, we have the machinery and the knowledge to provide a quality land grade for whatever reason you may need.

What Happens During A Land Grading Job?

No matter the end goal of your project, grading will involve using machinery to move land around. The first order of business is to remove the topsoil. Then the ground can be formed to the desired slope or leveled depending on the goal.

Depending on the project, this could mean digging and taking away dirt from the site. Bringing in additional dirt to help fill in low spots is also common.

There may be enough dirt on some projects, and it is just a matter of taking high spots to fill in low areas.

What Can Happen if I currently have an incorrect grade around my house or building?

If you continually see standing water near your foundation after it has rained or notice water intrusion into your home’s foundation, the grade on your land may not be serving you or your structures well.

Left uncorrected, water intrusion into your home’s foundation can be costly in the future. The intrusion of water from an incorrect grade can weaken the foundation. It can also present mold, mildew, and unwanted odors.

You want to address these issues well before they become a problem. A regrading of your land may be just the answer to all your foundation’s water intrusion problems.

If you don’t notice any water intrusion signs yet, but you want to check things out, look around your structure after the next rainstorm. See if there is any pooling of water around your foundation. It may be time to contact American Dream Landscapes for a free on-site estimate if there is.

Can A Yard Regrade Help My Grass, Plants, and Trees?

Is your yard constantly soggy in certain spots preventing use well after it rains? Are you tired of dealing with all the mosquitos and bugs meeting up at the local watering hole in the summer after a rain?

A regrade of your yard can also help in these types of situations.

Water that doesn’t drain properly from your yard can cause your grass and plants problems. Oversaturation of water provides an environment where plant roots cannot get enough oxygen and will eventually rot.

A yard regrade is an excellent option to protect your plants and ensure they are provided an environment to thrive.

Giving You More Space and Safety For Projects

Another benefit of a grading service is the ability to move land to give you more useable space for a landscaping or hardscape project.

Let’s say you want a big, beautiful hardscape installation on your property with landscaping features around it. However, it only looks like you have a few feet to work with before the land starts to slope hard.

You may think you only have so much room to work with, but with proper grading, it might open up more space to install that prominent, beautiful feature your family can enjoy for years to come.

Additionally, the land where driveways and walkways will be installed can be graded for safer access if the current slope of the land presents a danger.

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American Dream Landscapes offers free on-site estimates for grading, regrading, and slope enhancement projects for those in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County, and York County, Virginia.

Contact us today and let us know about your project. We’ll be in touch to set a time to visit your property.

Client Testimonial

Daniel was responsive and gave a fair quote for the work. His crew was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and even worked one day in miserable conditions. The end result is fantastic, safer, and with an attention to craftsmanship better than whomever did the original installation.

We highly recommend American Dream Landscapes!
Ed Falis
Williamsburg, VA

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