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Have draining issues on your property? Tired of looking at all that standing water days after it rains? American Dream Landscapes is ready to tackle your drainage problems once and for all.

Have you ever met someone who has said, “Wow, I just love this standing water in my yard days after it rains; we’re so lucky!” Of course, you haven’t, and we haven’t either.

Yard and green space drainage problems are a massive pain in the rear end for both homeowners and those who own or manage commercial property.

Maybe you’ve faced this problem before. It’s summer. It rains. It gets hot and humid again after the rain. And that spot in the yard is a mosquito hotbed because of all the standing water.

Instead of investing in Calamine lotion, you should contact American Dream Landscapes to come to your property and take a look, then invest in a drainage system that will take the water somewhere else.

The Yard Drainage Nightmare!

We joked above about a situation involving mosquitos, but that may be the best-case scenario if you don’t address drainage problems in your yard.

The absolute worst-case scenario for not taking care of landscape drainage problems could be the foundation of your home becoming compromised.

Think about ten years down the road when you’re ready to sell your house, and the inspection shows that your foundation is wrecked because of some landscape drainage issues.

If the people making an offer on your house even still want to buy, all your sweet profits may be going to the foundation company to fix your home.

“It’s just a little standing water, ain’t hurtin’ nothin” You’ll be hearing that in your nightmares for years to come.

Other bad things can happen if drainage issues aren’t addressed, such as basements can become moist and lose integrity, and mold could begin to form, dangering your family.

You're Scaring Me About Some Standing Water!

We want you to know that a little standing water can turn into a massive problem down the road.

If you spot standing water in your yard, does that mean these scenarios above will 100% happen? No, not at all.

But it would be best if you didn’t ignore standing water for years and years on your property.

If you have standing water and are a little worried, you can quickly achieve peace of mind at zero cost.

Contact American Dream Landscapes today and let us know about your drainage issue. We’ll come out and take a look and let your know, from years of experience, what we think you may need or if you need anything at all.

What Type of Drainage Systems Do You Install

We do all types of drainage systems, and here’s the thing – no two landforms or properties are the same. So each project we take on will need a unique solution.

If your buddy down the road had to get a french drain to solve his problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is what you’ll need to address your landscape drainage problem.

After looking at your landform, we’ll be able to decide what is best for you.

Some of the more common types of drainage we install include:

  • French Drains
  • Rock Swell Drains
  • Drop Boxes
  • Leach Sleeve
  • Corrugated
  • Down Spout
  • Down Spout Water Relocation
  • Corrugated Pipes
  • Non-Corrugated Pipe
  • Sock Pipes

You May Not Even Need A Drainage System

The big worry about drainage installations with customers is the “look” of their space. They may have worked very hard to get the landscape how they need it, and Boom! You have to place this ugly drain right in the middle of it.

You may not even need a drainage system. Your land may require a regrade to take water to where it needs to go naturally. American Dream Landscapes offers land grading services.

Either way, we can’t know what you’ll need unless you have us out for a visit to analyze your property. The visit and estimate are 100% free. Contact us today to set it up.

But What If A Drain Is Required Will It Make My Landscape Ugly?

No. We’ll work with your current landscape and develop a solution that will aesthetically fit and do the job of taking water away from where it doesn’t need to be.

We’re passionate about making outdoor spaces beautiful. Trust us, when we’re putting in a drainage system, we consider everything. We want your landscape to remain beautiful just as much as you do.

If you’re still worried, we provide Landscape Design proposals to show you visuals of the final product.

Get Your Free Drainage System Installation Estimate Today from American Dream Landscapes

There’s a lot to worry about when it comes to drainage. Quit worrying about it. Contact American Dream Landscapes today.

Let us worry about it. We’re experts. And the best thing, it won’t cost you a thing to learn how we can help you.

Quit ignoring that standing water, and let’s work on a beautiful but functional solution to say “bye-bye” to standing water.

American Dream Landscapes installs drains in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County, and York County

Client Testimonial

Daniel was responsive and gave a fair quote for the work. His crew was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and even worked one day in miserable conditions. The end result is fantastic, safer, and with an attention to craftsmanship better than whomever did the original installation.

We highly recommend American Dream Landscapes!
Ed Falis
Williamsburg, VA

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