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Want to revitalize your green space? Consider American Dream Landscapes' Aeration services to help bring your yard back to life.

Aeration is the process of penetrating soil that results in small holes. Those small holes allow nutrients, oxygen, and water to get down to the roots.

Completing this process will enable the roots to grow deeper and result in a much healthier yard, improving your curb appeal and overall enjoyment of your green space.


Areation: The Solution To Yard Compaction

Soil compaction is when the soil in your yard is pressed together very firmly. It’s like a great defense in football. Nothing is getting through it.

The roots of your yard need access to oxygen, water, and nutrients to thrive. Without access to these nutrients, your roots work very hard to push through the compacted layer. All of that hard work can stress the roots and ultimately lead to failure. Not good at all!

Proper aeration breaks up this compaction and gives your yard the best chance to survive and thrive.

At American Dream Landscapes, many of our clients combine our aeration services with our Overseeding Services to give their lawns the boost they need each fall to come back stronger and more lush the following spring. 

Testing Your Soil To See If It's Compacted

You can do this yourself today. Go to your toolbox and grab a 4-6 inch screwdriver. Head outside to different spots in your yard and try to drive the screwdriver into the ground. Before doing this, please be aware of any irrigation systems in the ground and avoid those immediate areas.

If it is difficult to push the screwdriver into the ground, you may be dealing with soil compaction issues.

Signs You May Need An Aeration For Your Williamsburg Lawn

Here are some common signs that your yard may need an aeration service. If you’re still not sure if your yard needs one or not, contact us today. We’ll drop by and give you an honest evaluation of your yard’s compaction status.

If it rains and you notice that puddles form in parts of your yard. Puddles may indicate compacted soil blocking the water from entering the ground.

Digging Problems
Have you been working in the yard with a shovel and noticed it’s taking all your might to pierce the ground? You may have some soil compaction.

Unhealthy Grass Patterns
If you notice that areas of your lawn are becoming discolored, thinning, or the grass has stopped growing altogether, this can signify that the areas aren’t getting what it needs due to compaction.

Aeration Is For The Plants Too

The plants in your yard may be screaming, “hey, the soil is compacted over here,” but can you hear them? Aeration is not only for your yard, but also for any types of trees or plants you have in your yard.

Logically, if the soil is compacted and the grassroots can’t get the elements it needs for success, then plant roots and tree roots aren’t either.

If you see faltering plant or tree life, check the soil around its roots for compaction.

An aeration process can revitalize your grass, but it can also rejuvenate plant and tree life on your property.

When Is The Best Time For Yard Aeration in Williamsburg

The best yard aeration time window depends on what type of grass is present in your yard.

Cool-Season Grass
Late Summer – Early Fall

Warm-Season Grass
Late Spring – Very Early Summer

If you don’t know what type of grass you have, please contact us. We’ll drop by and let you know.

The American Dream Landscapes Aeration Process

Every aeration project we complete includes double cross-core aeration of your lawn. Double cross-core aeration means we take our equipment North and South and East and West across your yard and remove double the amount of cores.

Double cross aeration opens up your lawn to take in all the nutrients, oxygen, and water it needs to be strong.

We also have special equipment that ensures we get the tight spots in your yard. With our aeration service, every inch of your yard will be cored and set up for success to thrive and become the envy of the neighborhood.

Many of our clients combine the aeration service with our Overseeding Service. Combining the two is a great way to ensure a thick and healthy lawn each season. 

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