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Are you renovating your property, and a requirement of the job is the removal of plants, bushes, and small trees? American Dream Landscapes is here for you.

Have you ever walked out into your property, looked around, and said, “I have to change this.” Don’t feel like you’re alone. It happens a lot!

In our experience, this happens very frequently when someone has purchased a residential or commercial property where they are stuck with the previous owner’s landscaping decisions.

When they finally close on the property, they quickly want to put their mark on their land.

In other situations, a property owner has become bored with their landscaping choice of the past. They want to change course and revitalize their yard.

No matter the situation, changing the scope of your landscape may require the removal of plant life for your premises.

If you need plant, bush, or small tree removal services on your property, American Dream Landscapes can help you.

Plant Removal For Human and Pet Safety

In addition to plant removal to improve looks or open up space for a new plan, some choose plant removal to eliminate plants that present a danger to humans and animals.

Depending on the plant, they can be poisonous if chewed/ingested, or they may present a physical injury risk from thorns or spikes.

Invasive Plant Control & Removal

Property owners may seek plant removal services due to invasive plant life. These unwanted growths can invade properties and get out of control.

They will cause a headache if you’re trying to achieve a particular look. The unwanted plant life will also compete for nutrients in the soil, possibly leaving your selected plants malnourished.

If no measures are taken to rid your property of the invading species, the invasive species has a pretty good chance of winning this battle

What Happens During Plant Removal Services?

At American Dream Landscapes, we will come to your property and remove all the plant life you do not desire to be on your property. Our plant removal services include all sizes of plants, bushes, ivy, and small trees under 20 foot.

Once we remove the plants, we backfill the area with soil to ensure there will not be any land depressions and standing water problems in the future.

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If your residential or commercial property is in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County, or York County, and you’re looking for quality plant removal services, contact American Dream Landscapes today for a free estimate.

We’ll visit your property, listen to your needs and work up a plan to get those unwanted plants out!

Please see our Landscape Design page if you’re looking to renovate your landscape after plant removal.

Client Testimonial

Daniel was responsive and gave a fair quote for the work. His crew was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and even worked one day in miserable conditions. The end result is fantastic, safer, and with an attention to craftsmanship better than whomever did the original installation.

We highly recommend American Dream Landscapes!
Ed Falis
Williamsburg, VA

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