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American Dream Landscapes offers landscape and hardscape solutions in Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent County and York County, Virginia. View our full service portfolio below.

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Landscape Design is the “thinking” and “planning” process of the landscape project. Landscape projects will always benefit from a well-thought-out plan. American Dream Landscapes can offer you a detailed plan to take your land to the next level.
The aeration process will enable the grass roots to grow deeper and result in a much healthier yard, improving your curb appeal and overall enjoyment of your green space.

American Dream Landscapes offers commercial landscaping maintenance packages that help business owners, property managers, and homeowners associations rest easy knowing their land is in good hands.

Ensure your commercial property is safe for your clients, customers, and residents by utilizing American Dream Landscapes snow removal and ice/winter management services.
Have draining issues on your property? Tired of looking at all that standing water days after it rains? American Dream Landscapes is ready to tackle your drainage problems once and for all.
American Dream Landscapes offers land grading and slope enhancement solutions for your property for better drainage or in preparation for construction, landscape, or hardscape installations.
To ensure your property looks its best year round, American Dream Landscapes offers leaf and small debris removal.
Are you looking to add some shine to your landscape with a mulch installation? American Dream Landscapes is ready to take your curb appeal up a notch with our quality mulch installation services.
Are you looking to add some new life to your property by adding new plant life? American Dream Landscapes can help you choose, plan, and install various small and large plants that will accomplish your goals.
Are you renovating your property, and a requirement of the job is the removal of plants, bushes, and small trees? American Dream Landscapes is here for you.

Are you looking for a thick growth, vibrant color, and overall more substantial yard and green space for your residential or commercial property? Consider American Dream Landscapes Seeding Services.

In charge of brand new construction or simply wanting to start your lawn from scratch? American Dream Landscapes has connections to a local sod farm and resources to start your green space off on the right foot.
Do you have stumps messing up your property’s flow? Are the stumps presenting a danger to children, animals, or yard equipment? American Dream Landscapes can take care of that stump.
Do you have a tree or shrubs on your property that needs some attention due to health, safety, or access reasons? American Dream Landscapes can help you tackle your tree and shrub problems and concerns.
Are you looking to entirely remove a tree from your property to open up space for new landscape or hardscape builds, for safety, or for any other reason? As long as that tree is 20 feet or under, American Dream Landscapes can help.
Put American Dream Landscapes’ years of experience and know-how to work with by utilizing our Hardscape Design services to ensure your property gets the most efficient hardscape installation.
Decorative rock and stone serve as an aesthetic supplement to a functional hardscape such as a paver patio, walkway, or driveway.
Ensure access and improve your curb appeal. American Dream Landscapes can help you create or transform a driveway on your property.
American Dream Landscapes can help you utilize your outdoor space year-round with the beautiful glow and comfortable heat from an outdoor fire pit or fireplace installation.

A custom hardscape patio is something your friends and family will enjoy for years and a solid investment if you ever decide to sell.

American Dream Landscapes is ready to design and install your custom poolside oasis if you want to complement your pool with a beautiful and functional hardscape deck and hardscape features.
Retaining walls solve problems and create opportunities. They do this by retaining soil and shaping the land on your property by fixing unwanted slopes.
Stacked stone walls are exactly as the name describes. They’re stone stacked to create beautiful boundaries and exciting visuals for your landscape.

Ensure that every step you take on your property is a confident one while adding value and appeal with a highly custom hardscape walkway installation.

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